Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

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Thursday Doors August 24: Roma Sampler

As it goes with the 2300+ photos I shot whilst in Italy, I sort thru, and sort thru again, and again…. well, you get my point. I have enough to post on my blog for months perhaps, but wouldn’t want to overdo it on Italy (is there ever such a thing, I wonder??) 🙂

For today’s doors, a few from Rome. While I focused on Trastevere, a rione (district) of Rome, in a previous post, I’ve not visited my overall Roma collection of doors. Here, a diverse mix.

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Thursday Doors August 3: Magnificent Doors & Doorways

For this week’s doors challenge.

Through the looking glass, Italian style

Windows, windows – I hadn’t realized how many I had photographed in Italy. It’s high time to share!

These run the full spectrum of Rome, Volterra, Cinque Terre, Lucca, Florence, Orvieto, and the uber-charmant Civita di Bagnoregio.

Arte di Strada

One could spend days scouring Rome and Florence for street art; graffiti – I suppose it depends on ones definition of the two. But I sought out street art; defined by that which intrigues, interests and moves me in viewing it. And it was plentiful, uninhibited, and scattered all around me in my travels. Continue reading “Arte di Strada”

Trastevere: It feels just like it sounds…

…but just be sure to speak it in Italian, not American…

I had read about Trastevere before we left for our trip – so when Marco and Manja suggested it part of our day long trek around Rome, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint.

I should mention, all of the places we I visited had scrumptuous street art – including doors and windows, that qualify as art to me. I’ve decided to post most street art, door, and window captures separately. They each deserve their own.

However, a good bit of it speaks to the flair and verve of each of the neighborhoods, towns, and cities we visited. So I’ll include ones that were standouts.

Street art.
trast 5
trast 4
All over Italy, water fountains run freely (some, have a spigot), which you can rinse your hands off, fill your water bottle, or water your dog. The water in Italy – not surprising as they know how to do water, historically – was delicious.
trast 3
Charming Trastevere (if you find me using the word “charm” in any form on Italy posts too much, well, get over it. 🙂
trast 2
Piazza di Santa Maria
trast 1
I sure wish hanging laundry out windows to dry looked like this at home!

Trastevere also has a spectacular church – you’d never know it by it’s relatively plain Jane exterior: The Basilica of Santa Maria, stunning. After seeing St Paul’s huge glorious-ness, we shifted gears to a more modest (well, not really) size. The basic floor plan and structure dates back to the 340’s. Yes. That’s the year three hundred forty. 

santa maria 3
Basilica di Santa Maria
santa maria 2
Basilica di Santa Maria
santa maria 1
Basilica di Santa Maria

We ate gelato. I should mention that. By the end of our trip, we had a ranking for our top five places.

Oh Gelato, we love you so.

Manja snuck in a picture of me doing my thing. It was a treat having a fellow photographer with us!

Manja’s snap of my snap.



Enter Roma, stage left…

After a long overnight flight – friends Shawn and Emily flying in from San Francisco and meeting me at Philadelphia International airport – we arrived at our hotel by lunchtime, and once settled, staved off our jet lag by venturing out into our Rome neighborhood of Vatican City.

Day 1: Fresh air, food, exploring a bit, and making it to bedtime!

Near our hotel, steps leading up to the Vatican museum / Vatican city.
Vatican Museum entrance
View from our hotel roof terrace
Lunch. After discovering the recommended restaurant was closed, we had a young priest approach us at a traffic crossing asking if we needed any help. He recommended AngryPig (where he was soon headed with his visiting cousin), known for their porcetta. I won’t lie, we all had a tough time with the fattiness of the sandwich, but it was still very delicious.
First try – tiramisu at a street cafe. It was quite nice. The first of many we tried!
Restaurant Spaghetti.
Homemade pasta for dinner – everywhere we ate, it was wonderful.
Ahhhh – bed! We stayed at the Hotel Museum, the wall of the Vatican just nearby.
Rooftop terrace, and breakfast! We LOVED our breakfasts – but then, needed every one of them for the many miles we walked (and stairs we climbed) each and every day 🙂