Marching in brightness, color, and warmth

Oh, and BIRDS of course.

Somehow I began writing this post at the end of March, and now, almost two months later, I’m finally publishing! A LOT to catch up on, so I’ll begin here….

March began the cusp of migration, both with birds coming and going. And, there’s nest building too, where even some early chicks bring in the brighter, warmer more colorful month of March. And, we didn’t have snow! A first ever, at least in my lifetime.


Snowy Day Birds

Our first snowy day of winter, the best backdrop for birds (and, a squirrel).

October Flies By

October is a time for change – in the weather, and in our surroundings both flora and fauna… and as usual, plenty of birds, some just passing through.

Migration Splendor

Fall is an exciting times to be a bird lover, as many species pass thru on their migration trek south, while some have been here all summer during the breeding season. Conversely, we’ll begin to see our wintering birds arrive within the next couple of months too. It’s never a dull moment to enjoy our feathered friends!

Life’s Energy

Wildlife, especially birds, brings forth an energy that I think goes beyond their own wild lives.  I suppose I have sensed this more since the death of my son, for when I see a bird, I find a sense of joy that clearly mirrors times with my son. A life, joy, and energy that is universal, perhaps.

I’ve had many birds cross – er rather, fly – across my path this spring, some of which I’ve been fortunate enough to capture with my camera. Many are migratory, stopping by only briefly in their trek for some seed and a photo op 🙂