Thursday Doors May 31: Rocky Mountain High

Two weekends ago, I traveled out to Denver Colorado to see an amazing concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater. For those of you who don’t know of the theater, it’s about 10 miles outside of Denver, in an open air natural HUGE rock structure. While I have a couple photos in the mix, google it as well to get aerial and other views. Simply spectacular.

Otherwise, it was a whirlwind weekend, with only a bit of time to venture out in the city. Which means of course, DOORS. Mixed with some fun and funky art. All in all, a great city, great adventure, and great concert.

The concert was really a top three for me, which says a LOT. Above & Beyond are not just DJ’s, but musicians, humanitarians, and fully ingrained in their music and show. I could weep that I missed their fully orchestrated acoustic gig at the Hollywood Bowl. Next time for sure…

For Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge.


Shooting with what you have: Expressions of the 35mm lens

Art to me is expression, and that specific artistic expression – as well as interpretation – has allowed me to be creative on both the front (camera) and back ends (photoshop, etc) of every picture I take. I don’t take any of this too seriously, of course – simply because I can’t imagine enjoying it as much as I do if I lamented the shot, or if I’ve post-edited something in a shoddy way.

Before my California trip (where these shots were taken), I picked up a 35mm lens for my Nikon DSLR – a first “prime” single-focus lens in the mix of my growing list of lenses. I’d read it’s a great choice for street photography and an overall good entrance to the class of wide-angle lenses. Granted, as for street photography, it can mean getting rather close and intimate with any people you may want to be the focal point. That I didn’t do so much this go round, but instead again decided to just get a sense for the limitation it forces upon the photographer – me, who is used to adjusting my usual all in one zoom lens to suite the subject in a jiffy. 35mm too can lend to some of the best color renditions in photography. Perhaps power of suggestion, but I was in fact pleased with more than a few of the shots that were color inspiring to begin with.

None are edited, only the file size reduced for web presentation. Some are “meh” to  me, but the exercise here was shooting as though I had film in my camera, fixed focal length, with no chance of edits before or after “processing” them. I will admit, some give me the itch to really want to use even subtle post-editing features 🙂

For a bit of perspective, I posted the same images all in monochrome in a separate gallery. *Update – I now posted the monochrome first, as it gives a better sense of the color! Thanks Manja for that suggestion 🙂

I don’t typically photoblog in mosaic, but 80 photos can be tedious presented individually. You can click on the photos itself to view in larger format, as a side note. I’ve not captioned them, they are from around San Francisco, specifically the Financial District, North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Chinatown, and Embarcadero neighborhoods.

So first up: Monochrome set.


The same gallery, as shot in color.

A bit of a shuffle,  colorless….



Thursday Doors July 27: Explorer Doors

You never know what you’ll stumble upon when you wander among abandoned buildings. Doors clearly provide all sorts of interesting diversity in their decay. Here are a few from my explorer travels.

For this week’s doors challenge


A brief taste of Lucca Love

Lucca is the smallest portfolio of my photos, in having had only part of a day to visit. As anyone who’s been there could probably agree with, our brief stop left me stomping my feet out of frustration for wanting to see more. Alas, there’s always next time, this I am certain of!! And now, even looking back and sorting through photos, I see exactly why I left wanting more.

Lucca is a charmer – a Tuscan town, an ancient wall surrounding it’s loveliness. Present day, that same wall graces a delightful rampart, where heavenly Tiglio (Linden) trees beckoned us forth. If you’ve not been graced with the fragrance of a Linden tree in bloom, well, I surely can’t begin to describe it here. Perhaps like the blending of honey and lemon peel  – and well, even though that sounds wonderful, it still leaves no room for actually strolling under them on a warm summer day – what a glorious experience. The Linden clearly defined Lucca for me, that day.

And so, I give you, Lucca.


Thursday Doors June 29: Boho Trastevere

When in Rome – wind your way on whichever path you happen to be, to the Trastevere neighborhood. Our new friends Manja and Marco hit it spot on in sharing this crunchy, eclectic, and always on neighborhood with us – with plenty of history, food, friendship – and oh yes – many delightful doors mixed in!

Even before traveling to Italy and meeting Manja in person, I pretty much knew we were kindred spirits in our love for photography. Who knew we’d go gaga over shooting doors together?

Manja’s lovely photographic art can be found here, The Mexi Movie.

Pink offsetting a typical look to Trastevere. Grungy version of ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ hanging out in the basket.

You could almost swing from the vine in the doorway!

Always ducking under fragrant jasmine.

FullSizeRender (4)
I like the green reveal under the mottled beige/brown.

Does this mean someone’s home?

FullSizeRender (5)
All sorts of goings on here.

I gather Gizmo gets mail.

Bussi Chapel, Basilica di Santa Maria

FullSizeRender (7)
Spooky corner door, Basilica di Santa Maria

Ghost door?

The door and window pair well in their discord.

FullSizeRender (9)
Door within a door.

FullSizeRender (6)
A bit fancy, and atypical, for the doors in my Trastevere travels.

FullSizeRender (14)
Broken tread.

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge