Exploring with a guide by your side… Anguilla, Vol. 3

Two years ago, I was fortunate to discover Nature Explorers Anguilla, the lone – and wonderfully so – ecotour company on this fabulous little island. Here are more highlights to the three days we went out together on my recent trip down, which included a wonderfual array of birds, and most any wild life and sea life that crossed our path….

We started our first day early with a sunrise view from Sandy Hill Bay, which seemed to set the tone for all the beauty we’d continue to see during the week!


Anguilla Birds and Beauty

Thursday Doors April 19: Four from the Beach

We celebrated my son’s birthday at the beach this past weekend, a place that I will need to revisit (and, I will, soon) to capture much more than I did. Alas, this was more a quiet reflective day, though still very much celebrating his life and memory… and on a last minute thought I realized, “Doors!”… So, consider this a teaser, until next time….

For the lovely Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge , of which I’ve sorely missed!

Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay California.

Go there. Seriously.

And stop and get crab chowder at one of the small outdoor cafes (well, in California they all are outdoor!), where the chowder cooks in big old foil covered stock pots out on the front porch. Best ever!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Pedestrian

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

My window views from different cities, states, and islands and countries.

For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, Windows.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

It’s quite difficult to decide if our horses, Tango and Mario, were more satisfied on their seaside ride than we were. Though, I know that Tango – my son’s horse – hands down loved this beautiful bay in Anguilla. He wouldn’t budge for a good 15 minutes, once in…

For The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, Satisfaction.