A brief taste of Lucca Love

Lucca is the smallest portfolio of my photos, in having had only part of a day to visit. As anyone who’s been there could probably agree with, our brief stop left me stomping my feet out of frustration for wanting to see more. Alas, there’s always next time, this I am certain of!! And now, even looking back and sorting through photos, I see exactly why I left wanting more.

Lucca is a charmer – a Tuscan town, an ancient wall surrounding it’s loveliness. Present day, that same wall graces a delightful rampart, where heavenly Tiglio (Linden) trees beckoned us forth. If you’ve not been graced with the fragrance of a Linden tree in bloom, well, I surely can’t begin to describe it here. Perhaps like the blending of honey and lemon peel  – and well, even though that sounds wonderful, it still leaves no room for actually strolling under them on a warm summer day – what a glorious experience. The Linden clearly defined Lucca for me, that day.

And so, I give you, Lucca.



3 thoughts on “A brief taste of Lucca Love

  1. Ohh, yes, a glorious selection of views. ❤ I love them all. And that cat! I was only once in Lucca too, for one afternoon, and also left wanting more. And I haven't seen the linden trees! Do you know that the linden are Slovenian national trees? We like drinking its tea and I can smell their blossoms right now in my memory. Thank you for these. You didn't have much time but you put it to a good use.


    1. Thanks Manja! Needless to say, I did not know about the Linden trees – but it only makes sense, knowing that you’re from Slovenia and are as lovely as your national tree (ok, I’ll admit a cheesy statement)… I’m glad you understand the passion of me writing about them!

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