Thursday Doors, July 6: A tale of two Italian towns

My last two hill towns of Italy left me with a sense that surely nothing could surpass them (though, my friend Manja tells me that’s just not so – I’ll have to believe her, for now 🙂 … )

Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio, the last of my Italy destinations, dished out a lovely assortment of doors (and more).

For Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors challenge


19 thoughts on “Thursday Doors, July 6: A tale of two Italian towns

  1. So good to see Bestia on another blog! He surely goes around! 😉 Lovely glimpses from our second day together. And I do promise – there are even more spectacular scenes to be had. Pitigliano comes to mind… I’m sure you’ll be back and you’ll see for yourself. Many great images but the cat I love so much. ❤

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  2. Thanks Manja! Italy will never be the same after I come back and we take on the small towns together. Heh. Yes, I love the cat! I have another just as charming from our day in bagnoregio, but no door. Will save for another post!

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  3. So many gorgeous shots in this collection it’s hard to pick a favorite. That shot looking out onto the footbridge is wonderful. This is an area I’d love to check out for myself, but not in 90 degree heat 😀
    Great post.

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