Please – ignore the sign and enter!

If there’s one thing that Italy does to a person who’s just visiting for the first time (most likely every time), it’s that She leaves you utterly salivating for more. Please, just a few more days to explore and enjoy and bask in that Italy glow.

Even something as simple – and charming – as French artist Clet Abraham’s hacked street signs, scattered across the streets in Florence… that sort of thing will do it to you. And while I saw many in my Firenze travels, I found after coming home and perusing the internet, that there were many, many more whimsical (and not-so whimsical) quirky artsy signs, not only in Florence, but all over the globe.

You can read a super interesting interview of Clet here. And, check out the ones I was able to capture in my travels, below.



Our fav gelateria in Florence – Grom – happened to help me find this sign.



I only recently noticed the second sign 🙂


I spy keys, too.






4 thoughts on “Please – ignore the sign and enter!

  1. Oh, yes, what a game within the game that is Italy, to try and spot these! I’ve read another article but they haven’t included so many. They are such fun! And such variety. The Dead End Jesus tops them all, for me. 😀 And you are right, of course, Italy holds you sweet hostage…

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    1. I believe the artist has official approval from Florence to create away with any of the signs. At least that’s what I was told by our guide. I love them all, but yes, now that I know the one sign means “dead end”, well, that becomes quite a snarky sign. 🙂

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