Trastevere: It feels just like it sounds…

…but just be sure to speak it in Italian, not American…

I had read about Trastevere before we left for our trip – so when Marco and Manja suggested it part of our day long trek around Rome, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint.

I should mention, all of the places we I visited had scrumptuous street art – including doors and windows, that qualify as art to me. I’ve decided to post most street art, door, and window captures separately. They each deserve their own.

However, a good bit of it speaks to the flair and verve of each of the neighborhoods, towns, and cities we visited. So I’ll include ones that were standouts.

Street art.
trast 5
trast 4
All over Italy, water fountains run freely (some, have a spigot), which you can rinse your hands off, fill your water bottle, or water your dog. The water in Italy – not surprising as they know how to do water, historically – was delicious.
trast 3
Charming Trastevere (if you find me using the word “charm” in any form on Italy posts too much, well, get over it. πŸ™‚
trast 2
Piazza di Santa Maria
trast 1
I sure wish hanging laundry out windows to dry looked like this at home!

Trastevere also has a spectacular church – you’d never know it by it’s relatively plain Jane exterior: The Basilica of Santa Maria, stunning. After seeing St Paul’s huge glorious-ness, we shifted gears to a more modest (well, not really) size. The basic floor plan and structure dates back to the 340’s. Yes. That’s the year three hundred forty.Β 

santa maria 3
Basilica di Santa Maria
santa maria 2
Basilica di Santa Maria
santa maria 1
Basilica di Santa Maria

We ate gelato. I should mention that. By the end of our trip, we had a ranking for our top five places.

Oh Gelato, we love you so.

Manja snuck in a picture of me doing my thing. It was a treat having a fellow photographer with us!

Manja’s snap of my snap.




3 thoughts on “Trastevere: It feels just like it sounds…

  1. Oh yes, this is it: I missed having a friend photographer with me who knew exactly how I felt about a place, and who would be left behind together with me. πŸ™‚ I loved taking that shot of you. But then luckily Marco came to fetch us. We could be doing this a lot more. I didn’t know the Santa Maria church was so old! And I love the first, street art glimpse. ❀

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    1. I’ve been doing reading every night at bed, working my way thru history, facts, and stories about all that I visited. I like reading it after the fact; reading it first doesn’t give it the incredible context that I now have! Needless to say, I have enough reading to last me a lifetime for all I visited! πŸ™‚ (btw, being left behind is both fun and scary. heehee)

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