Enter Roma, stage left…

After a long overnight flight – friends Shawn and Emily flying in from San Francisco and meeting me at Philadelphia International airport – we arrived at our hotel by lunchtime, and once settled, staved off our jet lag by venturing out into our Rome neighborhood of Vatican City.

Day 1: Fresh air, food, exploring a bit, and making it to bedtime!

Near our hotel, steps leading up to the Vatican museum / Vatican city.
Vatican Museum entrance
View from our hotel roof terrace
Lunch. After discovering the recommended restaurant was closed, we had a young priest approach us at a traffic crossing asking if we needed any help. He recommended AngryPig (where he was soon headed with his visiting cousin), known for their porcetta. I won’t lie, we all had a tough time with the fattiness of the sandwich, but it was still very delicious.
First try – tiramisu at a street cafe. It was quite nice. The first of many we tried!
Restaurant Spaghetti.
Homemade pasta for dinner – everywhere we ate, it was wonderful.
Ahhhh – bed! We stayed at the Hotel Museum, the wall of the Vatican just nearby.
Rooftop terrace, and breakfast! We LOVED our breakfasts – but then, needed every one of them for the many miles we walked (and stairs we climbed) each and every day 🙂



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